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Jordy Stravers full-service executive look for and talking to company providing market areas including life sciences and biotech. Efficient areas consist of medical growth, commercial functions, business, growth, finding & nonclinical growth, technological innovation, features, production, medical care matters.



All Type of Job in Life Science

jordy-straversSire life sciences is a wide range of different specific areas in the scientific sciences, and the list is expanding as well. You can choose to perform with a particular type or number of creatures, such as parrots, malware, or plants. You can perform with a particular system within a living thing, such as tissues, tissues, or whole body parts. You can concentrate on the connections between creatures and their atmosphere in a particular area.



jordy-straversJordy Stravers provides a Complete-Life-Science-Cycle-Search-Solution to both Way of life Technological innovation Professionals and Way of life Technological innovation Companies working in the European Way of life Technological innovation Industry. Jordy Stravers also provide a personalized European-wide service for both durable and independent solutions, specific in offering to the world’s major Way of life Technological innovation companies.